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Poems - Page 4

  • Backlog Poems

    I've written a lot of poems & short stories over the last two years but not published them on here as I explored whether they were of interest to the many magazines that ask poets to make submissions. It seems they are not of interest elsewhere, yet still I find people encouraging me to make them available. I don't have the time to self-publish a pamphlet, so I will begin to make available on here. There is quite a backlog so I won't post them all in a rush. If you like any then please make use of them. If you don't, then continue to ignore! 

  • Sketch & Enthuse

    Two new poems - one a quick sketch of a Greenbelt moment, and another my first ever attempt at a sonnet.

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  • On Poetry


    I've written poems for as about as long as I can remember. I love the way that I'm forced to pick words in a way that I don't always do with prose. In doing so, I like to cut the word count down to the bare minimum - often it is a good discipline. Somehow, writing poetically allows moods to take shape, ideas to flow, moments to be encapsulated. And when I read poems, that is what I'm looking for as well - that the writer articulates more than just an idea - that their words paint a picture, express emotion, stir up a thought process and lead us into fresh mind-scapes. 

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