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  • Hymn inspired by Disclosing New Worlds

    Tune Charterhouse RS 33

    Open the word to beauty and all wonder. 
    Open our hearts to story broken, bruised. 
    Open the world of hope and joyful welcome. 
    Open our wires to conversations new. 

    Look forward, hear of faith's long re-adventure. 
    Look out to see the word explored to life. 
    Look in upon the passion of a dreamer,
    Look onward, glimpse a world where freedom flows. 

    Now pen the fear of chaos and of anger. 
    Now pen the accents of lament, despair. 
    And shout the whisper of God's re-creation
    And speak the word of healing and repair. 

    Inspire our lives to loving word in action. 
    Inspire our song, to sing of grace-filled faith
    And send us now to witness to God's glory,
    Reformed, reforming people come alive.


    Craig Muir, Windermere, October 2010

    Creative Commons License
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

  • Joseph's Song

    This Christmas I shall be concentrating on Matthew's nativity and therefore Joseph's tale of an Angelic announcement. Unable to find a Christmas Carol that looked at things from Joseph's perspective I set out to write one which expressed something of what it is to be an adopted father and therfore caring for someone elses child. I found myself working in a tricky metre - but that just adds to the challenge!

    What follows is as ever a work in progress and your comments/suggested revisions will be appreciated

    Metre 7677

    Tune Peur Nobis RS 169

    Sing a song of Joseph’s fear

    Braving looks disgraceful

    Hear the news that “God’s with us”

    and make a place of welcome

    Sing a verse of Joseph’s trust,

    Taking in the grace-child

    Catch the rumour “God’s with us”,

    Adopted by all children

    Ring a bell of Angels’ song

    Pealing praise and laughter

    Sing out clearly “God’s with us”

    and rend the place asunder.   (with appropriate nod to Percy Dearmer)

    Sing a hymn of Joseph’s pride

    Fearing’s been disabled.

    Tell our story “God’s with us”

    where fatherhood is chosen.

    Sing an air of Joseph’s joy

    Caroling so graceful.

    Gently cradled God with us

    Extend the place of welcome


    Craig Muir 2010

    Creative Commons License
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

  • Psalm 22 - work in progress

    As the title says - a work in progess, heading towards this Sunday - not sure about 3rd & 4th verses in particular, so anyone with any suggested amendments please feel free to collorborate.


    Psalm 22 23-31

    Tune 7777 St Bees?


    Those who fear the Lord, give praise,

    Sons and daughters stand in awe.

    God has seen a world’s despair,

    Heard our cries of lonely pain.

    As one amongst the gathered crowd,

    Faith-fueled promise finds new life,

    Hungry feast and searchers find

    hearts forever filled with praise

    Reminded nations shall return,

    learn to praise as God deserves.

    Long-lost families offering lives

    which can know God’s grace filled rule.

    A greed choked globe shall bow down

    Sleeping ones will wake from dust

    Those yet unborn shall sing praise

    on being told all God has done.


    Craig Muir 4 March 2009