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  • Psalm 22 - work in progress

    As the title says - a work in progess, heading towards this Sunday - not sure about 3rd & 4th verses in particular, so anyone with any suggested amendments please feel free to collorborate.


    Psalm 22 23-31

    Tune 7777 St Bees?


    Those who fear the Lord, give praise,

    Sons and daughters stand in awe.

    God has seen a world’s despair,

    Heard our cries of lonely pain.

    As one amongst the gathered crowd,

    Faith-fueled promise finds new life,

    Hungry feast and searchers find

    hearts forever filled with praise

    Reminded nations shall return,

    learn to praise as God deserves.

    Long-lost families offering lives

    which can know God’s grace filled rule.

    A greed choked globe shall bow down

    Sleeping ones will wake from dust

    Those yet unborn shall sing praise

    on being told all God has done.


    Craig Muir 4 March 2009

  • Psalm 25 - A Hymn for Yesterday!


    Tune   CM 

    CH4 31 I waited patiently for God

    or RS 441 Belmont

    To you, O Lord, I lift my soul

    In you, my God, I trust.

    Don’t leave me shamed by rivals glee,

    but disappoint their scorn.

    With you, O Lord, I learn new paths

    In you, my God, is truth.

    Led by your hand, kept safe from harm

    I bide each day in you.

    Recall, O Lord, your songs of old

    For you, my God, are grace.

    Forgive my faults from youthful days,

    In kindness hold me fast.

    And as we travel through this life

    God leads us step by step.

    Into the joys of cherished love

    we dance our promised Yes!

    Paraphrase Psalm 25: 1-10

    Craig & Christine Muir 28 Feb 2009