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Psalm 22 - work in progress

As the title says - a work in progess, heading towards this Sunday - not sure about 3rd & 4th verses in particular, so anyone with any suggested amendments please feel free to collorborate.


Psalm 22 23-31

Tune 7777 St Bees?


Those who fear the Lord, give praise,

Sons and daughters stand in awe.

God has seen a world’s despair,

Heard our cries of lonely pain.

As one amongst the gathered crowd,

Faith-fueled promise finds new life,

Hungry feast and searchers find

hearts forever filled with praise

Reminded nations shall return,

learn to praise as God deserves.

Long-lost families offering lives

which can know God’s grace filled rule.

A greed choked globe shall bow down

Sleeping ones will wake from dust

Those yet unborn shall sing praise

on being told all God has done.


Craig Muir 4 March 2009

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