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The Speechless Sing - Page 5

  • Adventures in a Leaf #3

    I been having such fun in the new car, I haven't got around to writing about it! Now, some may wonder how that is so and certainly I've had some comments from the last one saying if Electric cars are such hassle - there is no way they are ever going near one - but that was just the learning curve.


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  • Adventures in a Leaf #2

    My Leaf arrived on Tuesday. I went for a drive, parked up to set the radio and figure out the other important gadgets and immediately had someone knock on the window wanting to know about the car! Once Chris was home we went out for a drive together and I treated her to a visit to Aldi so as to try out the free PodPoint charger.  I had already installed their app so it was simple enough to use - but the time we spent there wasn't long enough to fully re-charge, so once home I parked up in the garage (we had spent the weekend creating space) and plugged into the ordinary socket - I needed it fully charged for Wednesday.


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  • Adventures in a Leaf #1

    I've been looking at new cars for a while - but year after year my Toyota Avensis kept clocking up the miles and passing its MOT with minor work required, until this year when it became clear that a noise from the gear box might just be it's undoing - and so it was as I headed down the M1 to see City play Tottenham a loud noise and inability to change gear spelt the end. It returned home on the back of a recovery vehicle and then went for scrap.


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