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The Speechless Sing - Page 4

  • Backlog Poems

    I've written a lot of poems & short stories over the last two years but not published them on here as I explored whether they were of interest to the many magazines that ask poets to make submissions. It seems they are not of interest elsewhere, yet still I find people encouraging me to make them available. I don't have the time to self-publish a pamphlet, so I will begin to make available on here. There is quite a backlog so I won't post them all in a rush. If you like any then please make use of them. If you don't, then continue to ignore! 

  • Wedding Song

    Wedding Song

    Two hearts meld, blending life

    lines as two voices speak over

    one promise, the long desired vows taken, 


    given, received. And this is not the first time

    two people have stood on this spot making 

    vows to love and to cherish, ‘till death us do part.


    Nor the first time I have clasped 

    two hands together and declared 

    “those whom God has joined together,

    let no one separate.”


    Yet here we stand, 

    for the first time

    woman to woman 

    bride to bride

    taking first steps

    on a newly laid pathway,

    declaring this is love,

    enriching worn footsteps

    embracing torn families.


    Here we are - joining old ways to the future, 

    crossing a line to declare, “God is love ,

    those who abide in love abide in God 


    and God abides in them.” Two hearts as one 

    song, one promise, the long fought-for vows 

    given, received; sign of all that we shall share.


    © Craig Muir 2019

    It was my privilege to lead the first church based same-sex marriage in Coventry and Warwickshire at Ansty Road United Reformed Church in August 2019. I wrote this for the happy couple Helen and Taz and offer it for them and others who are making these historical steps. It was a lovely day and I was glad that they were happy enough with the poem to go and tell Coventry Telegraph all about it. 

  • Adventures in a Leaf #4

    So after getting used to my usual routes to Manchester, Bolton and around Coventry as well as a couple to North London, it was time for a longer trip, the 262 miles to our holiday house on the Solway Firth. It is normally a 5 hour journey including a break - this was going to be longer.


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