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Sketch & Enthuse

Two new poems - one a quick sketch of a Greenbelt moment, and another my first ever attempt at a sonnet.


Red scarf 

sketches shape

with each subtle movement 

contours of muscle and crayon 

fly across the pad. 

And a sparkly faced girl 

watches enthralled

each flicker, flutter, 

footfall, followed 

before shaping 


on the grass -

a pink bobble 

as mirror to 

red scarf. 




So, how do I read an Anthology?

From first poem to the very end

or flick and flight around liberally

until alighting on the godsend?

Or, by picking out the known name

whose words seems to have no bounds

but understands this writing game 

with images creating tight sounds.

One day, I found a piece called “Kindness”

where the page fell open in my hand

and bought a whole book for this one guess,

here treasure may arrive as contraband.


Come “Rattle Bag” edited by Heaney and Hughes

Adieu, is a strange place to invite us to muse. 

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