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She hesitated.

“Is that …?


“The place? - where … you know?”

He paused,

“Could be, I suppose”

“But how?”

“Imagine, standing there - terrified”

She shivered …

“No, don't think about it”

“But we must - comply”

He walked to the edge, spread his arms and span hard into the air.

She hesitated.

“Is that …?”


“The move? - that … you know?”

He landed - hard, unbalanced

“Can’t be”

“Why not?”

“Imagine, landing here - alone”

She shivered …

“Can’t think about it”

“Don’t think, just fly”

She walks unhesitatingly, spreads arms and leaps, tucks, rolls, flies towards golden entry.

We shivered, yet rose without hesitation acclaiming perfection. 

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