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The Speechless Sing - Page 11

  • Hymn inspired by Disclosing New Worlds

    Tune Charterhouse RS 33

    Open the word to beauty and all wonder. 
    Open our hearts to story broken, bruised. 
    Open the world of hope and joyful welcome. 
    Open our wires to conversations new. 

    Look forward, hear of faith's long re-adventure. 
    Look out to see the word explored to life. 
    Look in upon the passion of a dreamer,
    Look onward, glimpse a world where freedom flows. 

    Now pen the fear of chaos and of anger. 
    Now pen the accents of lament, despair. 
    And shout the whisper of God's re-creation
    And speak the word of healing and repair. 

    Inspire our lives to loving word in action. 
    Inspire our song, to sing of grace-filled faith
    And send us now to witness to God's glory,
    Reformed, reforming people come alive.


    Craig Muir, Windermere, October 2010

    Creative Commons License
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

  • Joseph's Song

    This Christmas I shall be concentrating on Matthew's nativity and therefore Joseph's tale of an Angelic announcement. Unable to find a Christmas Carol that looked at things from Joseph's perspective I set out to write one which expressed something of what it is to be an adopted father and therfore caring for someone elses child. I found myself working in a tricky metre - but that just adds to the challenge!

    What follows is as ever a work in progress and your comments/suggested revisions will be appreciated

    Metre 7677

    Tune Peur Nobis RS 169

    Sing a song of Joseph’s fear

    Braving looks disgraceful

    Hear the news that “God’s with us”

    and make a place of welcome

    Sing a verse of Joseph’s trust,

    Taking in the grace-child

    Catch the rumour “God’s with us”,

    Adopted by all children

    Ring a bell of Angels’ song

    Pealing praise and laughter

    Sing out clearly “God’s with us”

    and rend the place asunder.   (with appropriate nod to Percy Dearmer)

    Sing a hymn of Joseph’s pride

    Fearing’s been disabled.

    Tell our story “God’s with us”

    where fatherhood is chosen.

    Sing an air of Joseph’s joy

    Caroling so graceful.

    Gently cradled God with us

    Extend the place of welcome


    Craig Muir 2010

    Creative Commons License
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

  • Pilgrimage 2010


    In 1997 I wrote a series of poems inspired by the weekly pilgrimage around Iona. In last weeks visit I decided it was time to re-visit that idea and see what a new version might look like. Once a few more of the group have posted their photographs on flikr I may well illustrate the poem with some pictures - but for now I will let the words stand on their own.


    Pilgrimage 2010

    Warm welcome is piped,

    our departure sung,

    and onlookers stand in curious gaze.

    We have lost count

    of heavens deft touch

    and the delicate way earth responds.



    Open silent walls,

    Yet sisters tell tales

    and remember scented flowering verbs.

    We heard Sophia’s

    affirming new voice

    and tread silently, silently on.



    At the meeting place

    a people worked hard,

    and parted for distant new found land shores.

    Our race died here

    or else embraced life

    moving past the place of no return.



    Following waymarkers

    over hidden stones

    and a misty uncertain horizon.

    Tell old stories

    to seek a new cause,

    soaring beyond imagination.



    Idle rusted tool

    hides joyful primrose

    and rich veined marble shards wait to be gleaned.

    Unseen work stands

    at nations centre

    and heads homeward as loving token.



    At Columba’s bay

    tiny cairn is built

    and a well worn myth climbs inviting cliffs.

    We are made new

    with un-thrown stones

    carried boldly into mission’s soul.



    Conversation flows,

    languages collide

    a coloured stranger is wasted unused.

    Enrichment stalls

    fresh life is ungiven,

    we say prayers and sup Adam’s clear Ale.



    At the barbed runrig,

    pure pleasure is clubbed,

    and natural returns as farms decline.

    We have made chains

    and broken old links

    singing new songs of justice and faith.



    Hilltop look out post

    mountaintop echoes

    crying for well remembered dreams lived out.

    Not in wild currents,

    but in chuckling song

    and blithe reply to prodigal reign.







    wrapped in a mantle

    of whisper.



    Ancestors dancing

    James and Isa

    Dan and Annie

    Helen, Betty

    Morag and Barbara

    Naming our saints

    Piping our welcome

    Singing our heavenly touch.



    News comes slowly here

    and a wee girl dances

    as Mum sings of unmourned detainees.

    Innocent hope

    welcomes fresh future

    even as death stalks friend and stranger.



    And we turn inland,

    to life left behind,

    renewed somehow in a quick sideways glance.

    Clearing poetry

    Shaking images

    of grace-filled welcome at stranger’s gate.


    © Craig Muir 2010

    Creative Commons License
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.