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Sermon Notes - Page 4

  • Castleton 29 April 2007

    From death to life

    - God utters life - creation, Elijah (1 Kings 17:17-24) and  Elisha (2 Kings 4:32-37).  Mark 5 - Little Girl get up - and Peter who witnessed Jesus - utters life in God’s name. (Brueggemann)

    From new life to living life
    and the community of saints and widows
    Saints are those who did not flee from the scent of death, - they stay, they imagine life, they put imagination into action and restore life.
    Widows are those who live every day with vulnerability, on the edge of death - central to them is Tabitha, - a disciple, dedicated to good works and acts of charity - one who gives life and lives life
    It is an image of the church - disciples - dedicated to good works and charity - to the life giving, life changing work of the gospel - saints not afraid of death, widows who live on the edge

    Living the life Christ would have us live
    The task of the church is to continue the life-giving work of Jesus - the life Jesus would have us live - bringing life where there is death, love where there is hate, healing where there is brokenness  (Loader)
    - it is our mission, our purpose, our reason for being the church
    - is that the life we lead?
    - is that the main focus of the energy we put into church life?

    Jesus came to give life - to call people to follow him as the sheep follow the shepherd - may our lives be witnesses to the gospel message that from death comes life, that the eternal life we are called to, is one in which hope conquers fear, in which there is a zest for life, in which we live the life that Christ would have us live.

  • Hallfold 22 April 2007

    2 changed lives -

    Peter - back to the familiar, as if Jesus has been a brief interlude - with Risen Jesus life can never be the same - a new Peter has a new role

    Paul - hanging onto old ways - rejecting the newness that Jesus brings - WADITW does not work with Jesus

    Paul’s transformation will transform the world -

    for gentiles - those radically different

    for Kings - the powers and authorities

    for the believers - reminded and reminded that we follow the risen life-changing, transforming Christ - Grace creates a community of salvation that includes Ananias and Paul, Peter and the beloved disciple -
    Blogging towards Sunday  

    Does the risen Jesus transform our lives? Do our lives transform our community?

    Another Easter - any difference? - or back to same old routine?

  • for Holy week

    When all the noise is over, where will we be?
    When the singing, dancing, celebration has ended, where will we be?
    When the fun comes to an end, and the crowd slips away, where will we be?
    In the place of power and authority, when Jesus debates the issues of the day with the opinion-shapers and the legal-guardians, where will we be?
    In the vineyard, as the tenants decide that the heir must die, where will we be?
    When God’s children are raised to life, where will we be?
    When the place of power and authority is torn down and chaos reigns, where will we be?
    When the betrayer slips through the night, to whispered plots and plans, where will we be?
    Around the table of uncertainty and hope, where will we be?
    Around the kingdom’s throne where will we be?
    When the arguments rage about greatness and power, where will we be?
    When the disciples are tested, abused and ignored, where will we be?
    When the powers-that-be emerge from the night, where will we be?
    In the courtyard of rumour, gossip, suspicion and lies, where will we be - when the cock crows in the morning?
    In the courtroom of deceit, innuendo, accusation and power abused, where will we be - when the crowd bays “Crucify!”?

    When he walks with the cross to the hill, where will you be?
    When the nails are hammered through muscle and sinew, where will you be?
    When the thief is promised paradise, where will you be?
    As the sky turns black and the sun refuses to shine, in whose hands will you be?
    As the body is removed and entombed, where will you  be left to lie?

    When heaven grieves, where will you be?
    When earth shrugs and flicks the channels looking for another show, where will you be?
    When the crucified one quietly whispers, “Follow me”, where will you be?

    © Craig Muir 2007, 
    permission is given to copy this text for worship on a non-commercial basis using this acknowledgement.