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Confusion - Page 5

  • Christmas Morn


    Christmas Morn.jpg

    Will Hicok Low (1853-1932)


  • Christmas Eve Eve

    Over the next twelve days I intend to post 12 Images for Christmas - using the wonders of auto publishing they should all just appear at 00.01am each day, wherever I happen to be. I will also have used these images on Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning so I hope those who were with me at those services will take the opportunity to reflect upon them once again.


    Incarnation of Hope


    Palestinian Baby.jpg



  • Christmas Eve Morning

    Two stories from Bethlehem, the first is from the BBC 

    The second from a friend of a friend,

    “What would Jesus do, what would Jesus say”

    This was the heading of the Christmas message from

    the Mayor and Council and Citizens of Beit Sahour, Bethlehem

    to us – and to the world:


    “The City Council Members, the Municipality and the citizens of Beit Sahour – join me to send a message of peace and love to you this blessed Christmas season.


    This will be the 41st year we celebrate these holidays under Israeli occupation. We are now completely surrounded from three sides by Israeli settlements and by the segregation wall. The remaining side to the East has been targeted by settlers who extensively provoke us by insisting on building a settlement there. Yet, we believe the message of the Prince of Peace will triumph in the Holy Land with your support. Most of our citizens cannot even get to Occupied Jerusalem, a mere 7 miles away.


    When Jesus was born less than 500 yards from where we will light our town Christmas tree, this land of the shepherds was occupied by a foreign army. Today our own children live in fear and deprivation. Unemployment is at 45% and our highly skilled and educated people are continuously emigrating seeking better opportunities to fulfil their legitimate dreams and ambitions.


    It is in this context that we were reminded by the heads of the churches/denominations in occupied Palestine that “we need to ask ourselves 'What would Jesus do, what would Jesus say.' Then, our thoughts and ideas of His actions and words must be translated into the daily life of our community – particularly in this Holy Land.”


    We ask all our friends and supporters to pray for us and to help us achieve peace in the land where Jesus was born. We wish you all a joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year. God bless you."


    Hani Al-Hayek, Mayor of Beit Sahour