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  • Advent 1

    Time for a new beginning. This can no longer be a sabbatical blog for the resting is over and it stopped being a sermon blog a long time ago, so time for a new beginning. Long ago the subheading promised "essays, hymns and confusion" but I don't write essays any more and it's been a while since I managed a new hymn so that just leaves confusion.

    And I rarely am other than confused when it comes to Advent - so lets try and write some confusion for Advent. The problem is that Advent gets squashed into an extended Christmas - its shopping time, it's decorating time, it's fair time; it's party time and we just can't wait until it's all over. People also tend to assume that for minister's it's an extra busy time. I don't find that to be the case - the services are fairly straight forward, often repeating the order and hymns from a previous year, so preparation is easier; no one has time for meetings or to be visited unless there is a specific need - so I don't find myself much busier than any other time - still do everything on the last minute though!

    So I never quite know what to do about Advent. I will try and look at end time themes for the first two Sundays - but people don't really want all that confusing doom and gloom, by week three we are into Lessons & Carols and Nativities and safe territory for all concerned -which is a shame because there are some important themes to be explored. So can I write something for every day of Advent? - let's wait and see.

  • An Invitation to a Gathering