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  • Does anyone still look in?

    I doubt it - it's been so long since I posted anything that anyone who was reading should have given up a long time ago.

    I'm not really sure why I stopped - I know I got out of the habit, but there was also a spell where I'm not sure I was saying anything worthwhile - or at least worthwhile beyond the congregations that heard the sermons in the flesh. At both churches I have been concentrating on some internal themes, and whilst there was no doubt some topics of interest to a wider audience, it seemed strange to post them into the ether.

    Anyway, if you are still looking in, or if you have just stumbled past - this is a note to self to begin again. But contexts change and so for the next three months at least will the purpose of this blog. In two weeks time I begin my sabbatical and so these posts will become a musing on my experiences and discoveries and serve as a diary for myself, perhaps for my congregations if they wonder what I am up to for the next three months.

    Today is not a sabbatical day, but it is a fifth Sunday and for a whole host of reasons I'm not planned to preach anywhere - I have offered, but no one wants me! So I'm going to begin one of my sabbatical aims by visiting Salford Central Church - a small church who have taken some brave steps over the last year. See how they are getting on, how worship is being conducted in this setting and worship with some people that I met as an Area Pastoral Convener - chairing meetings, negotiating a new constitution, riding some choppy waters - but never as fellow worshipper.

    Let refreshment begin!

    PS - Just checked the stats - and there have been 55 visits this month - and looking at where they are coming from, I don't think they are search engines, so if you are real person why don't you drop a comment on here to say hello.