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  • Hallfold 26 November 2006

    Who rules? By whose rules shall we live?

    Pilate believes he rules - he has the power, military & political - Jesus is no rival - he has no army, no political base - Pilate’s rules are about holding life & death in his hands, his threat maintains power. 

    John believes that Jesus rules - and the cross is his coronation! - 

    "Revelation it is about the reign of forgiveness and freedom, brought about through Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross. Jesus is king on the cross because he is the incarnation of sacrificial love and forgiveness, which is what God’s kingdom is all about."

    Disclosing New Worlds

    Jewish authorities understand the rules Jesus plays by - undermining their rule. Religion is being used as a threat - belief = belonging = access to God - others have taken Revelation as the Churches authority to rule - as David rules - but God’s’s rules are not of this world

    God’s rules undermine Pilates rules  - no fear = no power - how often is fear used to gain power - from access to heaven to refusal to allow new developments - Jesus says do not be afraid. We search for a new vision - to catch a vision - for infectious visions - and fear will be the death for us - because we don’t allow God to reign.

    Infected by Pilates’ rules - compliance to the norms of  the day 
    - work + debt = consumption
    < consumption = < success

    When God’s rules - values change, people are valued as they are - trappings of success - power, wealth, status - mean nothing unless we live by God’s rules - love, forgiveness, freedom at the heart of God rules - and if Jesus is to rule in our lives, in our church, in our vision - then love , forgiveness and freedom for all are at the heart of our relationships.

    Whose rules are you going to live by? Does Pilate reign? Does Jesus reign?

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