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  • 26 February 2006, Hallfold & Bamford

    2 Kings 2;1-12 
    Mark 9: 2-9

    "On a Mountain Top"

    Epiphany - revelation of Jesus - child, man, now as the one bringing the past into the future - “My beloved Son - listen to him”

    Some see a Resurrection story - a hint at the glory to come - only risen Jesus story in Mark - letting the reader know that it will be alright in the end - but for the disciples more confusion - don’t talk until you understand - never seem to understand

    Other see the shadow of the Cross - a reminder of suffering - white robes of martyrs (Daniel) - deny yourself, take up the cross, follow. - be a disciple to one who suffers and calls us to suffer with him! - for the sake of the kingdom, for justice for righteousness we are called to battle the powers of the day - whatever they may be and in whatever context we find ourselves.

    On the mountaintop is to dream a dream and to know the struggle that lies ahead - MLK “from every mountainside let freedom ring” - he knew the struggle ahead.

    When we come to the mountain top - we are allowed to dream - to have a hint of the future God promises to us - but also to know the struggle that lies ahead.

    I’ve dreamt that dream - and I still wonder how it can be - I dream of a church 
    where all people are valued - not just those who push themselves forward, 
    where everyone is listened to - not just those with the biggest voices,
    where people in pain can know healing, 
    where people in fear can know safety
    where people with creative ideas can express themselves and be encouraged, 
    where everyone works together to seek God’s way.

    where people are prepared to take risks for the kingdom’s sake

    Is that the church you know?  glimpes - but too often self-interest, small-mindedness, fear, inaction, lack of imagination, looking to the past, no self-denial, no taking up of the cross, no following - no discipleship. - kingdom comes by way of the cross.

    Go to a mountaintop - consider the future - your discipleship - your willingness to follow Jesus - the path God is calling you to at this time - see the struggle, the self-denial, the cross involved - and may God’s glory be revealed.