View from the Library
[1] The following quotes are much fuller than an ordinary essay would allow. They can be read on their own and allowed to speak for themselves or they can be read from the links when the threads are drawn together.
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View from the Pulpit
[1] 30 questionnaires were sent, 7 were returned undelivered and I was unable to find a new e-mail address. 13 replies were received covering 15 multi-church pastorates.
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[2] In order to preserve anonymity the responses appear in a different order in each section.[Return to Text]

View from the Elders
[1] 5 replies were received from Bamford; 5 from Heywood; 1 from Norden; 3 out of 7 from Littleborough; 3/12 from Hallfold; 2/5 from Castleton; 3/9 from St. Andrew's.
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[2] The responses from the Elders will appear in bullet points, where I have paraphrased or made a comment the text will be in italics.[Return to Text]