Lach Online?

Who do you want Lach to be?
friend, inquisitor, compadre, alter-ego?
Speaks to me of fate -
"lache" to those who know some Greek:
(to have obtained office by lot or by fate;
to have been assigned, to have had ones share).
Or it hints at laughter:
(gelach in single Dutch;
lachen to the German)
and smiles (lachelt) on all faces.
Or are we lache?
(lax, neglectful, negligent) - well perhaps
or La^che - (cowardly to the French)?

We are no known acronym;,.net, are taken
by imposters everyone -
But those who know where we serve
might find it for themselves
and splash in die lache (puddle)
with der lachs (salmon).

Who is Lach?
choose for yourself
or find another.

A Postmodern Ministry? Art and original art work © Craig Neil Muir, August 2000